At the C5 Youth Foundation of Texas, it’s our mission to change the odds for high potential youth by inspiring them to pursue personal success. We prepare them for leadership roles in college, work, and their communities by engaging middle and high school students from under-resourced communities in intensive leadership development programs.

C5 Texas leadership programs are carefully sequenced and age-appropriate learning experiences. Each participant starts at year one and gets a seamless flow of learning and growth across the five-year program. Each leadership development program supports C5 youth in becoming:

  • Character-Driven
  • Community-Focused
  • Challenge-Ready
  • College-Bound
  • Committed to a Better Future
Changing the Odds for High Potential Youth

The Proof is in The Programs

When high potential teens from under-resourced communities take part in the C5 leadership programs, they achieve five primary outcomes:

  1. Graduate from high school and pursues college education or meaningful employment
  2. Make positive contributions to the community
  3. Respect human diversity while becoming capable of living and working in a diverse community
  4. Develop and maintain positive relationships with adults and other youth
  5. Acquire leadership skills in the areas of self-awareness and confidence, communications, group
    effectiveness, organization, decision-making, and problem solving

Meet Gabby:

from skeptic to C5 success story

Gabriela Townsend didn’t think she wanted to apply for C5 Youth Foundation of Texas. Her older brother was in C5 and she simply didn’t want to follow in his footsteps.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Gabby’s family had to move in with her grandmother, aunt, and her aunt’s boyfriend. Gabby explained that her extended family wasn’t accepting of the fact her dad is Black and her mom is Latina.

“…for over three years, I was surrounded by these three members of our family that treated us like second class citizens, as somehow less than them because my brother and I were bi-racial. The verbal and emotion abuse I endured at the hands of my grandmother and aunt meant that I didn’t believe in myself, and even worse, that no adult really believed in me.”

During such difficult times, Gabby’s mom saw how C5 was having a positive impact on her brother and encouraged her to apply for the leadership program. Still skeptical, Gabby was accepted and started C5 Summer Programs.

“I stepped into our first Leadership U class, and I belonged. I was in a place that treated me like I mattered, that I had value, and that I wasn’t defined by things out of my control. I never knew how much leadership and this program meant to my brother until I experienced it myself.”

“C5 has shown me that I don’t have to be perfect, that making mistakes helps me learn, and that I have the time to try new things, and truly prepare for a life after high school and after college.”


“C5 is the place where I am accepted for who I am, and who I want to be, and I know that my life and my future would be completely different without them” 

C5 Programs

Each year, the C5 Texas program includes curriculums in four key programs:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Social Awareness
  3. College and Career Preparation
  4. Community Action

This type of development is done through our C5 Summer Signature Programs. The students take part in this intensive learning experience to set themselves up for a year of Pathway Learning in their own Communities. The programs include:

Camp Leadership U

25 days designed to introduce leadership concepts & more

Camp Leadership U2

25 days where second year participants take on leadership roles working with the first-year class

Bridges Leadership

15 days of training that include a seven-day backpacking experience in the Teton Valley

Road to College

Students plan and execute an eight to 10-day tour of colleges & explore college life

A.C.T. Now! Summit

A week-long conference focused on a significant community issue, identifying solutions, and advocating for change


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